August 14th-20th, 2017

Summer Tango Treat

Summer = warmest of the four seasons, between spring & autumn

Tango = one of the nicest amusements known to us

Treat = enjoyment, pleasure

see also: Re-treat = a re-treat can either be a time of solitude or a community experience. Some re-treats are held in silence, and on others there may be a great deal of dancing, depending on the understanding and accepted practices of the host facility and/or the participant(s). Re-treats are often conducted at rural or remote locations, either privately, or at a re-treat centre such as the Ponderosa Ranch  :)

Gaia Pisauro, Francesco Cieschi und Leandro Furlan invite you to a beautiful event, the Summer Tango Treat, on the lovely Ponderosa Ranch in Stolzenhagen/Germany, just 1h north-east of Berlin !